Readability study

How readable and accessible is one font compared to another? The Readability Group needs your help to explore this complex question in detail.

The challenge in finding an answer to this question is that there are a multitude of variables to explore. There are human ones, affecting things including vision or cognition. There are technical ones, concerning screen size or type of screen. Then we have to consider the font itself: the many different features that are inherent in font design, and even the combination of letters that form the word the reader is deciphering. The variables are numerous, but not unmappable.

This initial study has been nearly 2 years in development. It aims to unlock some of the questions and beliefs about user font preferences. It is not setting out to prove or disprove existing font accessibility hypotheses, but to provide solid data and a research framework, enabling designers to query and make informed choices that are technically, functionally, and emotionally accessible to all readers.

This survey is not currently open.